"I just think if I chewed lava quick enough it wouldn’t be too bad."
In their own words, teachers tell parents about going back to school during the coronavirus pandemic.
Millennials are old now, and Gen Z is way cooler than they could ever hope to be.
This recipe is the perfect choose-your-own-adventure dish on a summer day.
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An estimated 1 ton of oil has already escaped into the Indian Ocean after a Japanese ship ran aground.
Protests against the country's ruling elite have erupted in Beirut following a massive blast in a Beirut Port warehouse.
The nation celebrated the milestone, but leaders have warned against complacency as cases continue to surge worldwide.
Americans were looking for "relief," instead Trump promised to gut Social Security and Medicare, said a FL lawmaker.
The House speaker stopped short of saying whether Democrats would mount legal challenges against the measures.
Board members bought stock before the announcement Kodak would be using U.S. money to manufacture drugs.
Trump refused to respond to a question about his "false statement" and instead, abruptly ended his press conference.
Alex Morse used his position of power for "sexual gain," the College Democrats of Massachusetts allege.
Police were called to the scene around 12:30 a.m. after multiple shooters opened fire into a crowd of people.
The quake was the strongest to hit the state since 1916. No injuries or damage were immediately reported.
“It's cool. At least hulu has a ton of other shows starring women of color we can watch. oh wait.”
Netflix has added two new docuseries, "Connected" and "Immigration Nation."

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