How To Build A
Successful Trafficwave Team

This is a message from the leader of Digital Entrepreneur Success Club - Ethan Tan

What is Trafficwave?

Trafficwave is an autoresponder. It is a marketing tool which will help you to build your email list and help you to communicate with your email list.

This is important because the only way for you to be successful in anything you do online is this - people need to know, trust, and like you. The only way you can achieve that is if you are able to communicate with them.

Simply put - Trafficwave is a communication tool. It is a tool to build rapport with others. And lastly, you will sell something to make money.

Simple concept

So basically, if you want to make money...

1. Find your targeted prospect with a problem
2. Build a rapport with them
3. Sell them a product which can solve their problem.

Think about the last item you bought, did that product actually help you solve 1 problem? That is what sales is all about. And that is what making money is all about - helping people to solve a problem with your product.

The Idea Behind A Trafficwave Team

Instead of paying for your autoresponder, why not make the autoresponder pay you for using them?

Is that even possible?

Of course it is.

And once you sign up for Trafficwave and use its service as a paid member, you will be able to become an affiliate of Trafficwave. This means you can promote Trafficwave, and when somebody actually registers for a paid account, you will be paid.

What makes Trafficwave unique from the other competition is their compensation plan.

There are basically 3 plans.

1. The 100% Fast Track Commission - basically you will earn 100% for every new sale you make.

2. The 3x10 matrix plan (the residual plan) : This is where it gets interesting. This is where Trafficwave teams are born. With a matrix plan, you will be able to leverage your team members to earn more money. Because the more people they bring in, the more residual income you will be able to earn.

In fact, if you can bring in one new member every month, and you teach that member to do the same, and they can do it every month too, you will be able to create a residual income of $4000+ in one year.

I am not going to explain too much in detail because it will make the post too long and some might lose track of what's going on. All you need to do is to read the information via the link above and watch the video for better understanding.

3. The Leadership Plan

This is where it gets interesting. If you bring in 5 members (Tidalwave level) and subsequently 10 members (Tsunami level), you will be able to earn leadership bonuses.

An example.

a. You are in the Tsunami level
b. Robert is your direct downline and he is earning $30 a month.
c. When you qualify for the 50% bonus, you will be earning $15 because of Roberts effort.

Imagine you have an army of people actively growing their income, your income grows together with them too!

And that is what makes a Trafficwave Team so attractive and enticing.

The Brutal Truth About Trafficwave Team

I will not name teams over here.

But many teams are using "We will promote for you until you have 6 paid members" or "We will promote for you until you earn $xyz".

Here's the truth, this will never happen.

And this invites lazy people into the team expecting spillovers (this occurs as a result of the 3x10 matrix plan).

The result?

Only the team leaders, the founders are benefiting from this. That is because their links are always being promoted.

How about the people who joined months later?

They are left in the dark - waiting for their turn to be promoted. They are promised the "hot seat" but they never got that hot seat until months later - when they have quit.

The worse part? For you to stay in the team, you need to contribute clicks to the team's rotator. Being left in the dark for months and wasting your precious time and energy to promote the team's rotator + a lot of tire kickers in the team invites one thing - disaster!

So How Do You Get Success With A Trafficwave Team?

Back in 2016, I joined a team. The only reason I joined that team was because there was no promises made. There was no rotators. There was no hot seats. There is no such thing as "we promote for you until you get xyz paid members".

And the result was great!

I joined the ranks of the top earners. I overtook my team leader's position as the top earner.

I am earning residual income until now even after I have not been building my Trafficwave downlines for many months!

I tried many things and after building some other streams of commissions other places, I realise this...

Having a predictable residual income coming in month after month without the need to promote new launches after new launches is the direction I want my business to head towards.

And thus, I am back, even on a larger scale with Trafficwave by forming Digital Entrepreneur's Success Club! The goal is simple, I have incorporated whatever I have learned and have success in my previous team and made it better!

I believe that with Trafficwave, with the right attitude, with the right training, anybody will be able to build a serious residual income with Trafficwave.

The question is this - how?

I was having success with my Trafficwave team but not many of my other team members were having the same success.

My sponsor was also asking what I was doing, and how I was doing it but he eventually left.

Personally? My residual income has been coming in months after months, even after I have stopped promoting Trafficwave.

The success just comes down to a few things...

1. Be A Leader

This is the main difference between success and failure.

Too many people wants to be a follower.

Too many people wants to RECEIVE.

Nobody wants to give.

Majority of the people who joins a team expects the team to do EVERYTHING for them.

However, as a leader, I aim to do this - I want to create spillovers for my team so that they can see that this system works. This will keep them in the system and want to work the system.

When this happens, they will start building their own team. They will start getting success. They will start inspiring and help out more people. The bigger their team grows, the bigger my team grows, the bigger my income will be too!

Can you see the difference?

I want to create spillovers.

Other people are waiting for spillovers.

2. Understanding the numbers reaslitically

From my past experience, I have members who was able to enroll 3 paid Trafficwave members in less than 1 month.

If you look at the numbers...

You pay $17.95 to get started (lets round it up to $18)

You get 3 paid Trafficwave members which earns you $54.

That's a 300% ROI.

On top of that, your earnings will pay for your membership every single month. Any profit you make from then is PURE PROFITS.

However, he quit after 1 month.

The reason? He was not making enough.

Even with a 300% ROI and FREE Paid Membership every single month?

On top of that, he has built himself an email list which he can market to every single day and earn multiple streams of income if done right...

The only reason for him to quit is this - he did not understand the business.

If you have watched the Power of One Video (link is above), you can see that to really profit from Trafficwave - it takes time. It takes team building. And if you fail to see that, you will never be successful.

3. Following up with my list regularly

Most Trafficwave teams will provide some kind of follow up emails. However, after reading most of them (I joined their email list), I was not impressed.

It's boring.

It's generic.

It does not have the senders vibe and their personality.

I use the follow up emails.


I send out my own emails to my prospects too and I get back replies from them too.

You need to be talking to your own email list. You need to be building rapport with them.

And actually - I don't really care too much if they join Trafficwave and my Trafficwave team because I am able to promote other products to them too!

Even if they do not join Trafficwave and my Trafficwave Team, I was still writing them emails daily and I am also able to get sign ups for my other programs which made me commissions too!

When I join a team - I use the team's tool to build my own email list. My email list is my asset. It is okay if after you have obtained 100 leads but only had one new person joined Trafficwave under you.

You still have 99 leads whom you can continue promoting Trafficwave and other products too!

And treat the person who has joined Trafficwave under you differently. You need to show that you are a leader and always be there helping them.

And I find that not being proficient in English is not an issue. The main thing about language is this - it is a tool to communicate a message. If the message can be communicated over to the next person, it has done its job.

In fact, people do not love perfection. It makes people feel fake, as if they are putting up a mask. When people can relate to you, that's when they will believe you and join your cause.

I don't find my English perfect. In fact, if you send a professional proofreader to this page, I will get a lot of red marks! But that is not the main point. I don't care about those mistakes. What I care about is delivering the message across :)

4. Make The System Better

I love my previous Trafficwave team.

There were many pros but it was not perfect.

And places which I felt not perfect, I fine tuned it to my flavour.

I believed that my landing pages will work better - I created my own unique landing pages.

I believe that I will be able to get more people to confirm their email address if I personalise my thank you page - that's what I did!

I believe that I will be able to get more people to join me using the confirmation page - I cooked up a confirmation page which has indeed helped me to get more Trafficwave downlines from the front end!

To create better credibility, I wrote my own short report and gave it to my subscribers. I used it as a bonus to entice more people to join my email list.

As you can see - I did a lot of "Extra" things which other members were not willing to do nor learn.

Will you think that doing the above gives me the edge over other regular members?

Instead of just doing the usual thing getting average results, I went a few steps ahead and do the abnormal to get abnormally better results!

5. Celebrate All Your Wins!

When you get are able to enroll a new Trafficwave member.

Celebrate it with the whole world!

Or at least, celebrate it with your list.

The moment you have proof that something is working - it will be a whole lot easier to get people to join you.

You can see that I have included my achievements from being able to enroll Trafficwave members to all the other commission notifications I received from having an email list.

Take a while to ponder, will that be more convincing? Did that tickle your curiosity and pique your interest to find out more if we can work together to see if you can get similar results?

Of course it did.

So why are you keeping your successes with yourself?

Celebrate it.

After all, people love to see "regular" people getting success. You and I can agree that we don't really care about gurus getting results because they have already made it and they are just riding on that momentum.

But momentum is created by you and by you only. Once you get that momentum going, don't stop!

If you are reading this and you are not in the Trafficwave business, use these tips to make your current business better!

And if you are keen to join the Digital Entrepreneurs Success Club Trafficwave team, here are the steps!

Step 1 Create a NEW Paid Trafficwave account

Create your new Trafficwave account with the link below.


You will need to make the investment for a paid account because only paid accounts will be able to join the affiliate program and earn commissions!

Your investment for the new Trafficwave account is only $17.95 (only $0.60 a day) and you will be able to earn back this investment just by sponsoring another member (you can do this easily by using our system).

Refer 3 new members and you will earn a residual income of $18 and your autoresponder fees will be paid for...every month!

More than that will be your profits!
Step 2 Let me know that you are in!   

Send an email to

Send it with these details:

Subject: DE Success Club Enrolment


Trafficwave Username:
Trafficwave Password:
Trafficwave Sponsor Username:

(I need to log into your Trafficwave account to help you set up your campaigns)

Shoot me any questions or make a short introduction of yourself :)

Step 3 Wait for 24 to 48 hours

I will be setting up your system for you manually – that includes setting up your campaigns, your landing pages, and your autoresponder follow up letters and making sure that everything is working right.

I will usually get it done in less than 24 hours ;)

I will reply back to your email with all your necessary details and provide you with your free training as well as promised bonuses. 

Step 4 Work The System

Once you receive the system, do everything you can to nurture your own system.

As you use the system, you will be building your email list - your own asset.

You will be building your Trafficwave team and making sales.


You will be able to email your email list, sending them to whatever offer you want to promote. Basically, you will have traffic on demand!

You will be building residual income.

             Ethan Tan