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Multicolor BEST Seller

Pop this best seller on and out the door you go. This striking bracelet goes with anything you wear.

These beautiful AAA+ quality multi-color CZ stones are set in 18K gold, with double safety clasp, in size 7 1/2".

Dazzling Blue Sapphire

Wear this dazzling bracelet with pride. People will stop you and ask, "Where did you get that wonderful bracelet?"

AAA+ blue sapphire and diamond CZ stones are set in white gold, double safety clasp, size 7 1/2".

Stunning in Emeralds

Heads will turn as you wear this stunning emerald and diamond bracelet to the theater or a party.

AAA+ quality CZ emerald and diamond stones, double safety clasp, in white gold. Size 7 1/2".

The Million Dollar Look

It sparkles like the stars on a clear moonlit night. You'll look like a million dollars in this stunning 18K gold plated diamond bracelet.

Elegantly set with AAA+ quality CZ stones, double safety clasps, Size 7 1/2".

Glamour in all Blue

For the sapphire gal who wants to make a splash and stand out in a crowd. This deep blue bracelet comes in white or yellow gold plating.

Features double safety clasps, AAA+ quality CZ stones. Size 7 1/2".

This Says Money

Think of a starlit night waltzing on the dance floor with a loved one. This elegant emerald bracelet is simply unforgettable.

AAA+ quality, CZ stones, double safety clasp, in white gold. Size 7 1/2".

genuine fresh water pearls at remarkable prices
100" Genuine White Pearl Necklace.

These beautiful Fresh Water Pearls go on forever. Wrap them long or wrap them short. These will be your go to pearls day time or night time.

Features AAA quality in super size 100" - 8-9mm.

60" Genuine White Pearl Necklace.

60 inches of elegant Fresh Water Pearls. The perfect length that will take you from the Board Room to the Dinner Table without missing a beat.

Features AAA quality. Size 60" - 8-9mm. 14K Gold plated clasp

48" Genuine White Pearl Necklace

When you need to dress up a sweater or double up for a little black dress, 48 inches of these superb baroque pearls will do the trick every time.

Ideal 7x9mm pearls necklace with 14K Gold Plated Clasp.

33" Genuine White Pearl Necklace

These magnificent 33 inch Fresh Water Pearls make you look great in any outfit. Look your best for an evening out on the town or a candlelit dinner.

Genuine AAA 8-9mm white Fresh water pearl necklace.

Not rated yet.
32" Genuine White Pearl Necklace.

These superb 32 inch Fresh Water Pearls make a statement when you walk into any room. Bold and beautiful is the way this necklace will make you feel.

Genuine AAA 6-7mm white Fresh water pearl necklace.

18" Genuine White Pearl Necklace.

Perfect for any occasion with any outfit. Add style and grace over dinner or a movie. Be the star in this superb AAA quality 18 inch Fresh Water Pearl necklace.

Popular 8-9mm size with 14K Gold Clasp!

50" Natural Pink Pearl Necklace.

These gorgeous natural pink fresh Water Pearls are just the ticket for a night on the town or a romantic dinner and they are a steal at our low price.

AAA quality in popular 50" length - 7-8mm.

130" Genuine White Pearl Necklace.

Stunning peal necklace at a budget conscious price. Super long 130 inches that you can wrap any way you like.

Genuine AAA quality 7-8mm fresh water akoya pearl.

24" Genuine White Pearl Necklace.

You'll look truly elegant in this perfectly round freshwater pearl necklace with gold plated magnetic clasp.

Substantial 10mm size with 14K Gold Clasp! AAA Quality

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