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Buy Almond Green Tea From Tea 'n' Things

Our Almond Green Tea will allow you to enjoy freshly-roasted almond goodness in every cup. If you fancy green tea (and why not?), nothing can be better than our Almond Green Tea (Almond Cookie). The tremendously beneficial health qualitiesmore

COVID 19: Now The 'Doubt Virus' Must Be Exterminated!

They desperately need to go back to the sweet normal times and live happily ever after, and therefore they jump to accept and believe fully when some motivated souls offer that 'COVID 19 is a hoax, it's nothing more than an annualmore

The Haunted Pajama!

The boss seemed to like me at the very first instance asking me to come to his chamber for a cup of tea. Lively discussions ensued on creative arts, paintings, the market for artistes and so on. I found him to be open-minded and devoid ofmore

CARES Act Provisions for Retirement Plan Sponsors and Participants

As employers struggle with the financial implications of the COVID-19 pandemic, many are looking into the possibility of suspendingmore

U.S. Supreme Court Rules on Defined Benefit Plan Litigation in Thole Case

In Thole v. U.S. Bank, the U.S. Supreme Court Court noted that the plaintiffs did not suffer an injury because the amount of benefits theymore

Planting Seeds of Greatness With the Power of Words

Babies begin life with a blank page of endless opportunities. We should all be selective about the words we write in the book of a child's life. Will we write words of encouragement, love, and compassion; or will we plaster the pages withmore

How Becoming An Author Builds Expertise

If you want a fast way to become an insider within your niche, push yourself to new heights, and become the expert you know you are, becoming an author will do that for you. But, you must get started and learn all you can about marketingmore

How to Lead in a Low Trust Environment

Trust is a tricky thing. Hard earned, easily lost. As a leader, trust is our primary currency for culture. But if it's gone, what can we do?more

The Secret Shame Of Having A Full Time Job

According to experts, More than 47% of Americans today cannot pay $400 for an emergency without having to borrow that money. The secret shame is that most of that 47% had full time jobs when answering this question. That number is evenmore

Craft Beer Brewing Options and Thoughts

Beer can not be defined as being an established national or international brand or a small brewer. Craft beer has many market segments. Some crafter's that started out a local and regional brands are now owned by the big players. Lagunitasmore

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Cheryl A. Chatfield, Ph.D.

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107 Articles

Cheryl A Chatfield, Ph.D. is a speaker, author and teacher. Her spiritual quest, research and writings culminated in her current work of exploring... more

Stacy Lorraine Jones

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Stacy Jones is the founder and CEO of Hollywood Branded Inc., a leading entertainment marketing agency specializing in partnering brands with... more

Jeff Weigang

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Jeff Weigang is the Business Solutions Team Lead for ERGOS Technology. For the past 10 years he has been focusing on website development, SQL Server... more

Pollyanna McAleer

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13 Articles

I've always loved to write and now I write about what I love - the human journey, intuition, self-empowerment, spirituality and whatever else I'm... more

Desiree Steinmann

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39 Articles

Désirée has an educational background focused on economics and successfully pursued a ten year sales and marketing career with international sales... more

Nenah Drewry

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Nenah Drewry writes about lesbian issues, arts and culture. more

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