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Using the Forex Scanner developed by Jared Johnson, increases the chances of more successful trades.

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9-11 I Was there -

9-11 I Was there -Jane's Sunday Sermon

I live in New York City ten blocks from the Twin Towers. They were always my guide posts home whenever I was tooling around New York or flying in from some speaking engagement or from a trip I was on.

On 9.11, 2001 I awoke to a glorious Fall day in New York City and, as is my regular routine, I hurried out to my neighborhood bank at around 8.50 am to make a deposit. The bank is to the North of me on Broadway. My focus was North as I left my house. When I entered the bank, sounds of radios were heard from the behind the teller gates. I wondered and looked at the others in line with me. Radios- in a bank? I asked what happened and was told that a plane had crashed into the Twin Towers.

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You Too, Can This Around!

"Everything is a scam."

"I'm too busy."

"The Supervillain Gru's stole
all my money."

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