OnPassive on the Move - Once in Lifetime Chance!
OnPassive is a done deal. Over 149,00 founders already. Do not let this opportunity pass by. Do not be left behind. 

This is your chance to get in a Founder position within a company that will disrupt the way the internet is used. 

Again, imagine if you have got into Google or FB or any of the tech giants early on.

Check this video with an overall, general explanation. It only gives you a peek, the so call tip of the iceberg.


Also self-funding? Forced you to be successful? Run unlimited traffic for you? Growth your business for you? An Artificial Intelligence company? Force you to be successful? For sure and forever change the current paradigm statistic of 5% marketers making money and 95% just roadkill to 100% successful? Automatic marketing platform, all tools reprogrammed from scratch via Artificial Intelligence, thus proprietary and far superior to anything currently available? All these tools into one umbrella, one-stop-shop known as OnPassive? The market is so large, we could never saturate the market in 30 years?

This will change lives for sure, but more so if you secure a Founder position while it is possible, since launching soon and the Founders positions will no longer be available.


 More information about the incredible way this company is structured to ensure everyone's success. You will be so grateful by the blessing coming your way if you secure a Founder position, that probably the rest of your life will not be enough to thank this organization.

What I am actually telling you is that we are doing you a favor offering this Founder position, to say it humbly.


The Compensation Plan


With this link, you can get an invitation to secure your Founder position. 


To your wonderful future!

Richard moore