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Everyone online tells you that you have to build an email list of followers if you want any success online. That advice is "bang on", but it doesn't have to be so hard!

The way that many marketers online tell you to do it is hard. Creating your own landing page, lead magnet (bribe), connecting your auto-responder, tracking the results.

I don't know about you, but I like to spend my time doing things other than sitting in front of the computer trying to build a list. So I am always looking for the solution which is the easiest way to get the result I want.

When it comes to list building, there isn't an easier way to get started and have your first list member fast than using the "Your Viral" network of sites.

They provide high converting traffic and compelling offers to promote to that traffic. Promote your referral url for one site, like Your Viral Traffic, in another site, like Web's Best Mailer and you WILL get signups to your list. The more you do it, the faster your list grows. Promote your referral url in outside traffic sources too, like other safelists, and it grows even faster.

The system is simple. Send traffic from high quality traffic sites to a high converting offer and you will build your list. They even show you what sites are sending the highest converting traffic.

Of course, you build your list the fastest if you promote the best converting offer. Right now, that is Web's Best Mailer because it just launched 4 weeks ago and already has 2,400 members. If you send a mail from the site, you will probably get 100 visitors for your promos.

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