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I'm currently doing Ivysaurs 4-4-8, which has you alternate between four heavier sets of four reps, and four lighter sets of eight reps, for each exercise.

When I do the sets of four, if I struggle with a set, it's always because of muscle fatigue. Which makes sense to me, because it means I'm lifting a challenging enough weight for adaption.

However, when it comes to the sets of eight, before I even feel that burn in my legs, I find myself struggling to catch my breath, almost as if I were doing cardio. It makes the 8-rep squats feel brutal, and I look forward to them the least out of any exercise in the program.

Seeing as there are many people out there who lift in 12-20 rep ranges, eight shouldn't even be considered "high reps," should it? Well, it feels like a lot to me, because I'm panting like a dog afterward, and the fact that my pulmonary system is getting tired before my muscles do makes me suspect that getting out of breath is preventing me from being able to lift weights heavy enough to actually tax my muscles at the eight-rep range.

I've been adding cardio back into my exercise routine recently, as that had kind of fallen by the wayside. Will continuing to run help train my heart and lungs to handle sets of eight squat reps better? What can I do to make it so lifting a weight for eight reps doesn't make me so out of breath that I can barely lift heavy enough to actually tire out my muscles?

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Need advice on a grip routine as a beginner with hand gripper and finger extensor band.

Your Goals. Need to make my overall hand grip stronger. I have a very weak handshake and weak wrists. So, basically, I need to strengthen my grip and wrists. I want a crushing firm handshake and good grip for holding on to things and rock climbing( I have only done it 3-4 times). Forearm aesthetics would be awesome but not necessary for now.

Prior grip experience. No prior experience.

A bit about your situation. I have a very weak grip, weak handshake and weak wrists which start paining if I keep my head in my hand for too long. I also don't have a good gripping technique. So, I need to learn good form, and gain good grip and wrist strength. Muscular forearms would be a plus.

How do you train, now? Do you have access to a gym? Do you just use random stuff at home?

I currently don't have access to a gym right now. I am buying a 10-40kg hand gripper and finger extensor band.

I may buy a pair of 5kg dumbells but I would love to get a routine without them as good quality dumbells and barbells are out of stock or too expensive for me.


If two people do a exercise, but one of them is really in shape, and the other is pretty average, do they burn the same amount of calories for the same movements/actions?

In that same thought process, if someone in shape is able to burn more calories in the same amount of time, does that mean in general exercise/fitness is more efficient the more in shape you already are?

So someone could do a 30 minute run that someone in better shape could do in 20?

Or is the opposite true, that being in shape means your body is more efficient at exercising so you actually burn less calories?

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Good morning.

I know mine is a strange request and I'll try my best to give as many info I can.

I'm disabled with a peripheral neuropathy. This means I basically can't move my legs (really limited movement) and I can't stand up except with the knee leaning against something and the support of someone or resting with the whole torso on a table. My arms are better than my legs but they aren't strong enough.

My fitness problem is that I have a few extra pounds (I am not obese, officially I would be in the overweight) and they are all in my belly. In fact, although the rest of my body is "normal", I have too many centimeters on the waist. That's what I want to fix!

If it can help you, I already do some exercises to mobilize my legs with the help of therabands.

I'm ready to consider everything.


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Back in high school, my physical education teacher taught us that working out 'opposite' muscles such as the biceps and triceps in the same day or workout prevents each other from growing, or somehow countering the other.

Is there any truth or scientific evidence to back this? Ever since then I've subconciously incorporated these to my workouts and I want to know if Im being inefficent in my workouts.

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