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Taking abortion access away will force many to "sacrifice their athletic aspirations and pursuits," letter reads.
The pandemic still has the United States and other parts of the world firmly in its jaws.
The British prime minister not-so-subtly put the pressure on Jair Bolsonaro before the U.N. General Assembly.
The antic is just the latest in a string of recent race-related controversies in the Newberg School District.
Joseph Sobolewski allegedly paid $2 for a bottle of Mountain Dew advertised as 2 for $3.
The "Late Night" comedian nailed the Fox News personality's scaremongering delivery.
Jesse Benton, who was convicted in a 2012 bribery plot and pardoned by the ex-president, has been charged again.
It's "not an agenda," the Watergate journalist told MSNBC's "Morning Joe."
When voters head to the polls next fall, Democrats hope they remember which party supported the benefits.
Writer John Nolte says Democrats are using "reverse psychology" to trick opponents into dying of COVID-19.
The opposition was relentless in accusing Trudeau of calling an unnecessary early vote — two years before the deadline.
The dog walked off-camera and pulled down the BBC's Carol Kirkwood -- and it all happened on live TV.

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