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Everybody, New Worldwide Adver tising Tool Gets You Business

New Worldwide Adver tising Gets You Business

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My Keychain Promotes My Business Via Bluetooth

I went to a Mariner baseball game last night...while I enjoyed the game, my KEYCHAIN Device was broadcasting my business message to every Android device at the stadium via bluetooth. When I got home I had 6 leads waiting for information about my business.

What do YOU do for your business that gets you leads while you are enjoying your life? If you don't have this proximity marketing device yet, you need it!

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Everybody - How we can be encouraged . . .

How we all need to be encouraged!

In these modern days many, around the world are finding hope fading because the things that they were used to, things like stable employment patterns, solid investments, sound political leaders in countries around the world, all these issues are creating a sense of uncertainty to our very stability.

Add to this scenario the fact that most families everywhere are struggling to make their ends’ meet and we have, on one hand, a bit of a toxic cocktail.

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