Crypto is here to stay. Time to learn how to get on board.

This is more of a teaching moment, rather
than a recruiting moment.

Institutions, bankers and private wealthy clients
are starting to explore putting some of their
assets into crypto currencies.

Tron and litecoin are my favorites, but you
can add Ethereum and doge to that list.

Let’s just talk about tron and how you can
start to build or increase your tron balances.

A good program to start with is Trx Auto Grow.

Only costs $1.00 to get in, to start on your

Best to click on the Home link at the top
of the page.

To see the comp plan, further down on that
page is “View Optimal Goal Here”.

If you don’t have a wallet to hold tron, drop
me a line. I’ll give you 2 of them.

You can also purchase tron with a bankcard.
Ask about it, if interested.

Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.

Carl Goodnight