Great software, fewer responsibilities

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One of my favorite aspects of having an online business,
besides the freedom (of course!), is all the things you
can do with automation.

With software, you can:

Deliver the right messages at the right time to increase
Send emails based on actions, such as sign-ups, or video views
Automatically collect payments and deliver digital products
or ship physical products
Drip content, gate content, and even offer free or paid
levels of access to content
And so much more

Seriously, the possibilities are endless when it comes
to automation with software.

Once you%u2019ve created your process and tested things out,
you can focus on growing your business while the software does the heavy lifting.

It%u2019s like having a sales and marketing team working

for you 24/7.

There%u2019s just one catch.

Always a catch, right?

You either need to duct-tape many different software
together, becoming an integration master to make it all happen.

Or find an all-in-one solution like Groove.

Groove is an all-inclusive, one-stop software that
includes every single software you need to run an
online business.

And it%u2019s free, for life, guaranteed.

John Harrell

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