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#BreakingNews As at September 18 - 2023 GotBackUp Members Are in 114 Worldwide Countries


#GotbackUp is Literally Taking Off))--->> 

_  _Witness a Trend with Right Timing- Right Product- And Right Price 

Important Update - See Webinar Video Below with Marc Shamus 

Marc is a multiple 7 figure earner and came out of Retirement to be involved with GotBackUp! 

Will #GotBackUp Conquer the World 


There is no doubt about it at all that heads are turning and  is literally shaking the foundations of the Network market-ing industry. (And that is not said in Jest).

The timing was perfect for this business to awaken, stretch out and jolt into a full paced Jog around the World. This is why Joel and his Team have an onsite Gym to keep "as fit as" and not to drop off the pace.

I don't know about a full paced Jog, but one would think that there is a Lear Jet team on the payroll to enable the company to make it to just over 67 countries in just over two months. There are public overseas offices in Ukraine UK and India today and no doubt as business grows others will open in the future and members will .

 Here is a Video from a Wednesday Night's Webinar - Chock full of latest news, about both Joel's and Mike's journey, how to do chores in the back office and how to upload your PC to the cloud. 

Hot Tip  Watch the video and towards the end all questions will be responded to, and you may even find a reply to a question that you would like to have asked. 



The site facilitates ease of use for worldwide members whom are able to click on "Language" at the top of any page and all Countries where cred-it card transactions are processed are enabled to show up. The site displays in US English by default. 

GotBackUp operates out of a just under 10,000 sq foot datacenter at Schertz, which is about a twenty minute drive north of San Antonio, Texas. 

Worldwide Expansion 

An expanding market and Internet Security Problems lead to the existence of a Unique Stroke of Luck and GotBackUp has literally moulded itself into the void.

Reflecting on my heading at the top:- GotbackUp is Literally Taking Off))--->> and :->


Will #GotBackUp Conquer the World 

Latest News is in:- And there is talk that GotBackUp could be the next Billion Dollar Biz Opp. The gears are beginning to mesh perfectly and my sixth sense belief that there is just something about #GotBackUp is slowing moving into the straight and turning into reality. 

So Question:- Is #GotBackUp going to be the next Billion Dollar Biz Opp Company. Check out comparable service company prices, and the number of customers they have whom are not being paid. Look to the future and see what is going to happen with cell phones and GotBackUp is paying them to refer others. Food for thought.


Smartphones the New Craze

Over the past decade the number of worldwide smartphone users has skyrocketed from around 1 Billion in 2011 to over 6 Billion in 2023 and this trend is not slowing down in the forseeable future, as experts are predicting a continuous rise in smartphone users.

Welcome to Marc Shamus who now hosts the Friday Morning 11 AM Eastern

Motivation and Recruiting Webinars 



 News About Online Security 

The huge ground-pounding trend of internet security affects all products that are used on the Internet to conduct business, such as Mobile Phones, PC’s, Laptops, tablets and other electrical devices. 

Don't Lose your #MobilePhonePhotos #Videos and #PreciousMemoryFiles - Back them all up with #GotBackUp. Everyone is hearing about Online Security and how the hackers are chopping their way in to personal and business servers, stealing private information and leaving the servers unuseable. 

How many times have you heard someone complaining that they have had a computer crash and lost all their data. Mobile phones are either lost, stolen, dropped and broken, or used as bait on fishing trips. People ask can their information be restored if their phone has been dropped into water.

GotBackUp can only advise we are sorry you lost your mobile phone and data. However, so that you do not lose it again we can offer you a system whereby you can securely save all of your data in the cloud for the best price and never lose it again.

 has a six TB space and can have up to 6 separate PC's with unlimited mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other devices, for less than $10 monthly. And you can share some of the positions with close family for free, no matter where they live in the World. Once logged in to the software you can simply add another account and fill in the details.  

So the solution is to Back them up with #GotBackUp and use the best plan for the most cost effective price.


Drum Roll - GotBackUp is there to help them

GotBackUp was built by Joel Therien of Schertz Texas, with the specific purpose to fill this void to provide security to users and to enable them to securely store their #PreciousMemoryFiles #Videos and #Photos at a competitive price.

And since #GotBackUp is built on the Network Market-ing model, any users and owners of these products are able to become resellers for a One-Time-Fee of $40 and share the benefits and savings that the GotBackUp products provide and get paid for it. 

So Guys the solution is to Back them up with #GotBackUp and use the best plan for the most cost effective price.



Reasons Why #GotBackUp is Thundering Along Like a Tsunami in Tahiti.  

During the Webinars and in the promotional emails Joel emphasises the benefits of the products and the Timing 

The benefits of the #GotBackUp products are quite attractive, when you look at a Cloud space for Family package of 6TB. This is only a  small part of the Family Plan which can hold six separate users with unlimited mobile phones, laptops, tablets etc. for less than $10 monthly.

I'm gasping for breath just describing what the package holds. In particular Joel Therien mentions the “Litmus Test” and for a company to get the big tick it has to pass this test on a number of points. #GotBackUp passes in Spades.

 Had better sign off for now as I hear that Joel has just fired up the rocket and the noise is deafening.

What did you say?


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