- How we can be encouraged . . .
How we all need to be encouraged!

In these modern days many, around the world are finding hope fading because the things that they were used to, things like stable employment patterns, solid investments, sound political leaders in countries around the world, all these issues are creating a sense of uncertainty to our very stability.

Add to this scenario the fact that most families everywhere are struggling to make their ends’ meet and we have, on one hand, a bit of a toxic cocktail.

However, on the other hand, we do have hope and can be positive about the future provided we are prepared to think about and taking ‘the next step’.

As we think upon these lines we realize how important our financial futures need to be:

# Will we have enough money in retirement to keep us living in the standard we are accustomed to?

# Will my job be safe in the face of a retrenchment or premature retirement?

# What if I become widowed or disabled in some way or another?

So it is clear financial survival to our wellbeing becomes crucial.

But how can I ensure financial stability in the future.

In many ways it comes through education and the realization that the Digital Revolution is well underway.

Are you preparing yourself for this future?

Well, the first thing that has to happen is that we become so encouraged that we can think, “Yes, I can do something that will ensure the financial happiness I seek.”

To help us in this way I want to introduce you to a young lady who lives in far off Peru – and how she completely turned her life around using modern technology that is available to all of us.

As we view the video (the link is below) we will begin to think, “If Carolina can do this, perhaps I can do it to!”

Yes, perhaps you can. However, realize that entrepreneurship like this in not for everyone. We need to ensure that our mindset is such that it will propel us into a financial future that most of us dream about.

The interesting thing about Carolina's life is that it is the same as ours, she had to start somewhere!

=> She tells us about her background.

=> What she did to start.

=> How we can too!

=> She gives testimonial after testimonial.

=> . . . . and shows how she lives life today.

A really wonderful and encouraging story that I commend to you today.

Here is where you go to view this helpful tale of success that can be ours too:


I wish you all the best in your personal online adventures.

Roger Herbert
Roger Herbert & Associates