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What is Oodles of Traffic?

A way For Your to gain Instant Credibility by associating your site with a well known site using our unique, simple technology at Oodles of Traffic. Anyone can do this. No Experience needed. It is a easy as pie to use.

What exactly is an OOT Ad?

An OOT ad is one that create right in the members area of Oodles of Traffic. There are 5 different types of ads you can create and associate them with any site on the net . Your Ads can give you instant credibility. Here is an example of an OOT ad.

What is an Authority Site or an Impact Site?

Any site on the net can be an impact site for you and it depends on what you are promoting. If you are promoting a health or nutrition product, You might want to create an OOT ad using the site If you are promoting a business opportunity, you might want to use a site like or Almost Any site you can think of will work with OOT ads.

Do I Have to Do a Lot of Tech Stuff to create an OOT ad?

Not at all. OOT ads can be created in less than 60 seconds. You can use your own banners or your own text or use our templates. We created Oodles of Traffic so anyone on the net can use it to promote their own business.

Do You Show Us How To create an OOT ad?

Yes, We have a training section that gives you a live demonstration of how to create each type of OOT ad. Jane Mark, Owner of OOT walk you through this live and shows you how very easy this is to do.
As Jane says: If She can do it, Anyone Can" so watch her instructions and you will be making perfect OOT ads in minutes.

Can I join Oodles of Traffic Free?

Yes you can join OOT free. We have a wonderful Lotto Power ball game that you can play daily and win fabulous prizes. That function will be available in mid November.

How Many Paid Memberships are there at OOT?

There are 3 membership levels at OOT. Pro Expert and Founder
You will see what each level gets as you sign up or on the upgrade page in the members area.

Can I Build a List at OOT?

Yes. You have one of the fastest list building techniques at this site . You can offer a free Lotto Game to anyone who signs up under you and people love games where they can win prizes. We Call this The Game Of OOTS and free and paid members will love it.

Can I Mail my Downline at OOT

Yes there is a downline mailer at OOT and you can mail your downline daily.

Is there an OOT Mailer?

Yes. There is an OOT Mailer. Pro, Expert and Founding members can use it . The frequency and number of people you can reach depends on your membership level. Pro member can mail every 5 days to 1000 members, Expert members can mail to 2000 member every 3 days. Founders can mail to 3000 members every 2 days. The higher you go, the more often you can mail.

Can I Earn Commissions at OOT

Yes All Members can promote Oodles of Traffic and earn commissions. Free members earn 20%, Pro members earn 30% -Expert members earn 35% and Founders earn 50%. We pay every Friday.

What Methods do you use to pay commissions?

We pay you by online check or regular check . If you need a different way to be paid, please contact us through support and we will arrange something with you.

How Many OOT ads Can I Create?

The number of OOT ads depends on your membership level. Free members cannot create OOT ads. Pro members can create 2 OOT ads, Expert Members can create 6 ads and Founders can create 12 ads or even unlimited ads for a small founder unlimited fee.

Can I Create All of the Ads that You Offer?

The types of ads that you can create depends on your membership level. Pro and expert members can create 250 by 250 banner ads and 250 by 250 banner ads with 2 smaller banners underneath the ads. Only Founders can create Banners with Text ads. Light box template ads and overlay action button ads that can be used very effectively with any capture page and auto responder that you use.

Who are the Owners of Oodles of Traffic?

Jane Mark and Phil Basten are the Oodles of Traffic . They have been developing advertising tools for online businesses for the past 17 years. You can read all about them here:

I am New At This-Where should I Start?

Start in the training section. There are 5 short videos which walk you through each kind of ad to set up. Once you see it in action, you will get it right away. Watch out because you will get addictive like Jane Mark is and go back over and over again to create more ads.

How Do I Win OOTS

Everyone can play the Game of OOTS once a day. When you play, you will win OOTS but in order to collect your OOTS, you need to click on the link that shows on the win page and then your oots will add to your total.

What is The Game Of OOTS

The Game of OOTS is a Lotto Type game where you can win OOTS (credits) and you can use those credits to claim prizes when you have won enough of them. See The Prize Page

How Often Can I Play The Game Of OOTS?

You can play once every 24 hours.

Can I win OOTS in more then One Way?

Yes. You can win OOTS when you play the OOT game and you can earn OOTS by reading members ads on the OOT Profit Page. You can read as many ads ad you like at any time.

What Kind of Prizes Can I Win With OOTS

You can win all sorts of advertising prizes for your business by claiming that prize with your OOTS balance. You can win ads and mailings and list building credits and memberships in various well known advertising site. There is a prize page in the members area that will tell you everything you can win so you can plan out how to use your OOTS effectively.

Why Do I Have 2 Affiliate Links In My Account

You have 2 affiliate links. You can promote either one. One goes directly to the sales page for Oodles of Traffic and the other affiliate link goes to the Game Of OOTS where people can play the OOT Lotto game and before they can collect their winnings, they must sign up to the site under you. This is an easy and fun way to build your downline at OOT.

I Just Won a OOT Ad in The Prize Section. Where Do I Find It?

If you purchased an OOT ad using OOT credits, you will
find it in the MY OOT Ad Section. Go there and you can
edit that ad and make it your own.

What is the Difference Between a Founder and an Unlimited Founder?

A Flounder has 12 ads that they can create and use in the OOT system. Unlimited Founders Can create as many ads as they like forever.

How Do I Know How Many OOTS I Have

On the home page and on several other pages, you will see a purple box that gives you your OOTs total . You can also go to the page that says My Save OOTS and see your totals there.

How Do I Load a Banner To My Comupter Desktop

Find a 250 by 250 banner or a 125 by 125 banner
from the site that you want to promote.

Right click om the image.
A prompt will come up with lots of things on it

Choose Save Picture As

Choose desktop to save it on
Give it a name and that's it.

Then you can find it on your desktop if you
have a name say like OOT 250 by 250 or whatever
banner you are uploading

Can I Set Up OOT ads as A Free Member?

No Free Members cannot set up OOT ads. Only upgraded members can use the OOT ad System.

Can I Use the OOT Mailers as a Free Member

No Only upgraded members can use the mailer at OOT. All Upgraded members get 2 mailers. A downline Mailer and a contact Mailer that reaches up to 3000 members every 2 days.

What is The Highest Commission That you Pay at OOT

We pay 50% commission to all OOT founders. All other levels get paid commissions as well . Free members earn 20% -Pro Members Earn 30%. Expert Members earn 35% and Founders earn 50%

What Does An Upgrade Cost at OOT

What Does An Upgrade Cost at OOT

You Can join OOT Free but if you would like to use the full power of the site.

Pro members pay 97.00 yearly or 197.00 One Time for a Lifetime Account

Expert Members pay 197.00 per year or 297.00 One Time For a Lifetime Account

Founders Pay 497.00 One Time which includes 12 OOT ads
Unlimited Founders pay 597.00 one time and get Unlimited OOT Ads
Founders can also pay in 2 Easy Payments.

Full details for each upgrade are available in the members area of OOT

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